Sharing a Pint with Science

Bala, Saro and Hollie attended the annual Pint of Science Festival in May. Pint of Science is a not-for-profit initiative aiming to make science more accessible to members of the general public – all in the comfort of a pub! Saro engaged with a sold-out audience to discuss the science behind our MAS technology and the real-world impacts of its use in our breeding programs. The night was a great success!

IUFRO Biotech Conference

Bala, Robert and Saro attended the IUFRO Tree Biotechnology Meeting held in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the end of June where Gondwana Genomics was a major sponsor for the event. The conference focused on molecular biology, genetics, genomics and propagation technologies for forest trees. It was a great opportunity to hear about the new research and advancements being used to assist with forestry adjustment in our ever changing environment. 

Narrabundah College Visit

Saro and Hollie attended the Narrabundah College in Canberra to deliver a presentation to the forestry students. Narrabundah College offers a unique course for students in years 11 and 12, outlining topics such as Agroforestry, Biodiversity and Resource Management, among others. It was a great opportunity for us to engage with students and translate their studies into real-life working experience. 

Ingham Institute Donation & Tour de Cure 

Our Managing Director, Robert Southerton and Tour de Cure CEO Matt Clarke officially unveiled the Fluidigm at the Ingham Institute. The equipment was well received by the Ingham researchers who are keen to start using the machine for their important work in disease research and for testing patient samples quickly. 

Robert and Matt, also cycled from Sydney to Canberra with Tour de Cure, raising funds on a 437 km ride over three days. The Tour de Cure raised a record-breaking $10 million in the year of 2019, to support their valuable work into cancer research and community assistance.

Gondwana Genomics donates a Fluidigm and EP1 genotyping system worth $100,000 to the Ingham Institute
Matt Clarke, Robert Southerton and some of the Tour de Cure riders on the Signature Tour stopping by our lab to say “thank you!”

Special Feature: Rapid Domestication

At Gondwana Genomics we provide one-step solutions to enhance your breeding program. Domestication is a process by which we can alter the morphology of a particular organism through selecting desirable traits. We have successfully applied this to many species within the Eucalyptus genus using molecular tools over the last 5 years, and we now have the capacity to assist with the rapid domestication of any new species of interest. This includes even the species that have no or limited genomic resources available.

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