The news is finally out…

Our team is very excited to have successfully completed their FWPA Eucalypt MAS project: Implementation of marker-assisted selection in Australia’s major plantation eucalypts. You can view FWPA’s media release here: World-first Australian research breakthrough to deliver strong ROI

Our technology validated and now in action…

Gondwana Genomics can offer tree breeders the opportunity to accelerate plantation performance through long-awaited genetic marker-assisted selection (MAS).

Advanced MAS screening technology, developed through 10+ years of plantation research, can unlock the genetic potential of trees. And it is being used for commercial growers right now.

Our newly developed next-generation genotyping platform allows for cost-effective implementation of a testing program, fast turnaround and high accuracy.

Our genetic markers have been proven to highly accurately predict tree performance. Armed with the knowledge these markers provide, breeders can boost business through increased growth, density, pulp yield, energy value and disease resistance in their trees.

Our scientific leaders  …

BSc, MSc and PhD in Plant Genetics, UQ

Principal Scientist

Bala’s research has led to the development of the CSIRO marker technology that is licensed to Gondwana Genomics. His strong technical leadership has resulted in the new ‘target genotyping by sequencing method’ being developed at Gondwana Genomics. 

BSc (Agr), MSc, PhD in Tree Biotechnology, UniMelb

Senior Research Scientist and Head of Operations

As our Senior Research Scientist leading the operations at Gondwana Genomics, Saro is instrumental in both the development and implementation of the technology. Saro assures our clients the highest level of quality and efficiency output from our Canberra based laboratory located at CSIRO Yarralumla.

Congratulations Tina

It’s been an eventful few months for Tina Liu, our valued Lab Technician, having now successfully completed her PhD, she heads off to Taiwan this week to attend her traditional Taiwanese wedding ceremony. All the best Tina! Looking forward to hearing about it on your return.

Gottstein Trust Dinner

The Gondwana team enjoyed attending the recent Gottstein Trust Dinner which was part of the Gottstein Wood Science Course held in Canberra from February 5-9. You can keep in touch with further trust communications on their recently created a Facebook page:

Upcoming events

Gondwana Genomics will be heading to Montpellier, France to the Eucalyptus 2018 International Conference: Managing Eucalyptus plantations under global changes Get in touch if you are also attending we would love to meet up.

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