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We are pleased to announce that DArT has entered into an agreement to purchase Gondwana Genomics.

From 1 June 2024, DArT will acquire the Gondwana Genomics business, with a commitment to delivering the same important services to Gondwana Genomics’ customers and continuing the improve the technology to support plant breeding into the future. Launched in 2001, DArT recently won the 2024 state Telstra Best of Business Awards for “Promoting Sustainability” and has been providing advanced genotyping services for over 20 years.

For further information about DArT you can visit their website at


Gondwana Genomics is now accelerating plantation performance through long-awaited genomic selection (GS) technology.

Advanced GS screening technology, developed through 10 years of plantation research, is now unlocking the genetic potential of trees. And it is being used for commercial growers right now.

Our next-generation genotyping platform allows for cost-effective implementation of a testing program, fast turnaround and high accuracy.

Our genetic markers have been proven to highly accurately predict tree performance and deliver substantial gains—fast. Armed with the knowledge these markers provide, you can boost your business through increased growth, density, pulp yield, energy value and disease resistance in your trees.

Increase your commercial yields by applying advanced genomic selection today.

Fast & reliable support for critical decision making.


For the first time in commercial forestry, GS allows you to definitively know which of your trees have positive traits when they are just small seedlings. You will see the commercial benefits sooner.

We ensure that our GS solutions deliver for each of our customers, tailored to meet commercial objectives and their unique challenges.

Our next-generation targeted genotyping platform has simple and easy DNA collection requirements, so it’s easy to implement. We just need a single leaf.

Some of the programs we are working with…

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